Vanke Hill City



Return to Authenticity,Construct Daily Life

Vanke Lushan is located in the foothills of Yinhu Mountain and has unique natural ecological resources. Built by Shenzhen Vanke, it is a low-density and livable community that integrates subway and road network transportation, three major parks, and Vanke brand property management,



Concept of Design

With deeply interprets the relationship between the city and the architecture, the landscape design of the region conceives the theme from the perspectives of ecology, etiquette, streamline and space, shaping the composite symbiosis landscape from a multi-dimensional perspective.



Ecology丨The urban green space and the project are organically combined and the functions are superimposed.

The west side of the site is adjacent to the city’s No.3 green belt. The design team hopes that the landscape of the community can melt in the urban landscape to become an organic unit, which provides residents and communities with a new ecological community for living, communicating, being private and interactive, and a humanistic community that can not only meet the needs of residents' lives but also carries the memories of growth.


Friendly Neighborhood Garden:It’s more a neighbor communicating center than a garden.



Etiquette丨“Etiquette, enabling the world to follow its orders.”——Records of Music

Drawing on the traditional courtyard gardening mode, the five-shades-space plan is used to create a noble homecoming experience, emphasizing the depth of the line of sight, leading to the spatial rhythm of infinite imagination and creating a comfortable living experience.


The main entrance axis is clean and smooth, and the design of streamline and height difference is used to integrate the humanized function and the thinking of the details into the three-dimensional landscape to realize the multiple levels and spatial changes of the space.



Main entrance scene illustration

Streamline丨Green plants that are designed in multi-dimensional angles to carve the sceneries in four seasons with ingenuity along the way home.


Taking into account the local weather, we focus on the planting density, tree species selection and configuration methods of plants on both sides of the garden road, which create a sense of homecoming for the residents in the summer shade and winter sun.



Illustration of going home in shades

Space丨We hope that people can really enjoy themselves outdoors so that various rooms for rests and activities are created. 


Delicate functional separation is conducted between the central courtyard leisure porch and the vital turfs as well as the tree plaza, making these parts rely on each other while standing alone. Such design meets the outdoor social needs of the neighborhood, provides a comfortable resting space, and builds the poetic time in daily life in a limited space.



Illustration of meeting room of the neighborhood 

The design focuses on the sports needs of each age group, injects vitality into life, and adds functions to the space to meet the various outdoor needs of different age groups on the overall landscape circulation.


With strict control of all scales and details to ensure nature and safety, children's playgound is divided by age to meet the growth needs of children of all ages. Here, children can climb and play and do whatever they prefer, they can enjoy their imagination and creativity no matter they favor arts or sports.


Illustration of the Children’s playground


When dark gradually covers the sky, a warm light is the clearest guide when returning home.


Space is used to living and also to imagine. The dream house attaches great importance to customer’s feelings and experiences, makes the functions of space return to its essence, and awaken unlimited expectation and imagination of Shenzhen residents for a better life.

Project Name | 项目名称

Vanke Hill City | 万科麓山

Landscape Design | 景观设计

GND Design Group | GND设计集团

Owner | 业主单位

Vanke Group | 万科集团

Lead Designer | 设计总监

Qiu Ge, Zhong Yongcheng, Li Bing | 丘戈、钟永成、李冰

Project Location | 项目地点

Shenzhen Longgang District | 深圳 龙岗

Design content | 设计内容


Project Area | 项目面积


Design Period | 设计周期

9 Weeks | 9周

Completion time | 竣工时间


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