New Hope Jinguan Mansion


Jinguan Mansion is located in the core area of southern Chengdu, with a complete financial city supporting and thousands of acres of ecological resources. New Hope Group and GND design explored the prestige of the house in the history of five thousand years to build a high-end building in Chengdu - New Hope Jinguan Mansion, the epoch-making of the new lifestyle of the opening of the financial city.


Jinguan Mansion draws on the gardening mode of the traditional courtyard, and uses the five-fold space plan to bring the taste of life to the extreme. The design subtly combines cultures of the Land of abundance and the unique temperament of the site, built the garden with the ten scenic spots in Chengdu as the prototype. For the inheritance and new interpretation of the Chinese-style manor, the design customizes a mansion of royal sequence dedicated to Chengdu.


The entrance landscape is arranged in a symmetrical manner in the middle axis. The continuous decorative columns on both sides are wrapped in the gradually rising platform and waterscape, which explains the beautiful vision of the design: get promotion and be wealthy.


With the beautiful and agile cranes, sinking courtyard art water wall connects the courtyard and the upper space landscape in series, depicting a natural picture with the park and the extended landscape. Real sights hidden in virtual, each step brings you into different sceneries, create multiple sensory experiences for visitors in a limited space, the more you step into, the spectacular you feel.


The landscape of the atrium is ordinary but peace, and the waterscape intertwines with the landscape, a scroll of solitude landscapes between the buildings has unfolded. The emotion that “I build my cot in people's haunt” but still surpass the materials world and send spirit to the nature has grown.


Diverse and flourishing plants are used to create a dynamic landscape, with the changes in the seasons, which perfectly displays the natural beauty of the garden in the changing seasons, allowing people to enjoy themselves in different sceneries of different seasons.


GND landscape design with delicate and rich ideas, infused the oriental aesthetic spirit into every subtle depth of the space, both the precipitation of the royal palace and the wonderful perspective of fashion, making Chinese culture a part of the design value, giving Chinese people an ideal residence, and evoking the perception and pursuit of spiritual enjoyment.

Project Name | 项目名称

New Hope·Jinguan Mansion | 新希望·锦官府

Landscape Design | 景观设计

GND Design Group | GND设计集团

Owner | 业主单位

New Hope Group | 新希望集团

Design content | 设计内容


Project Location | 项目地点

Chengdu , Sichuan | 四川 成都

Lead Designer | 设计总监

Qiu Ge | 丘戈

Project Area | 项目面积

3356 m² (display area) | 3356平方米(展示区)

Design Period | 设计周期

8 Weeks | 8周

Completion Time | 竣工时间


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