BRC Star Amber


When urbanites are under the pressure of the cold interface of modern architecture, the depressed mood urgently needs to abreact, the “contemporary art” is highly needed. If "modernist" design focuses on the function, practicality and convenience, then "contemporary art" tends to consider human complexity and emotional needs. In all forms of external expression, it contains the experience, perception, thinking and spiritual freedom of "human".


The "rational" modernism and the "sensible" contemporary art seem to be in conflict with each other, and they are integrated by designers to construct the interior space in a proper way. In this project, designers attempt to explore the delicate balance between "rationality" and "sensibility" while paying attention to the creative concept of "time" and "human".


The densely intertwined lights are connected in series to simulate the starlight of the vast sky, which emphasize the flow of vitality and give the design a shocking penetration.


The attributes of the exhibition space are actually used to stimulate positive emotions, experience projects, and interact with the space. “Blue Ray Star Amber Sales Center” is located in Fuzhou, it continues the pioneering gene of coastal port cities, embraces the modern temperament of fashion and art, and extends the thinking of living, art and life.


As Zhu Liangzhi said in 《Lotus in the Breeze at Crooked Courtyard》, “In aesthetics, ‘curve’ represents a sense of beauty, an aesthetic appeal.” The undulations and layers of curves are beautiful and dynamic. The soft arc of the stairs eases the rigidity and penetrates the romantic sensibility and fashion. The boat, ball, suspended form and the color of Klein Blue narrate the thinking reverie of breaking through the space latitude, and the unexpected "existence" quietly turns into a surprise.


The designer set a small "fun" with metallic and Klein blue balls. People step into it and are decorated by the characteristics of contemporary art, which instantly eliminates the paleness and alienation of the space, breaking the inherent impression that the space is slightly empty.


Modernist architecture is often difficult to get rid of the tedious feeling caused by the simple "line" and "surface" enclosure. Although the spatial interface and elements are focused with creativity, it is still hard to conceal the feeling of hollow and cold. Designers use stone, metal, glass, acrylic, leather to describe different personalities. The combination of the textures of different materials explains the view that "less is more" through a simple form.


In the negotiation area, the water ripple-like smallpox is carefully forged at the metal interface. This is like the meeting of "ink" and "water", which produces a novel change like fierce mutual fusion, and finally creates a unique effect. 


Compared to classical painting and sculpture, the "extreme" tendency of contemporary art works is more "greedy" in taking in space, light and people's attention.


The smooth curves are inserted in the interior space, and the relatively soft design language describes the flowing shape sense. The profundity and sublimity of the arched door are “softened” by the “earth color” tone, and tends to be peaceful.


The misplacement of art display is another embodiment of preciseness. The contrast of form and color shows the unique fashion in different "order", which is just perfect. 


There are lights inside the art painting to switch between different picture effects. The highly inductive lines of the circular decorative painting condense the release of emotions in contemporary art. The complementary color contrast stretches people's visual experience in a limited space, and frees the space.


Complementary furniture combinations, red independent sofas and Klein blue shaped vases together reveal the speculative nature of art. They balance the straight and curved interface lines, and find a delicate fulcrum between rational calm and emotional passion.


The complementary embellishments of Klein Blue and Bordeaux Red reflect each other, highlighting the extreme "extroverted" nature of art, while also being fashionable and sensitive.


The emergence of modernist thought freed "design" from the concept of "decoration", and simplicity and rationality began to shine. The rise of new ideas is bound to set off a wave in the art world, and the "modernism design" formed by the role of "modernism" has begun to prevail.


GND Design outlines the shape with concise lines, discards redundant "decorations", breaks through the latitude of space, and creates a new concept experiential sales center, making visitors full of reverie. 

project name | 项目名称

BRC Star Amber | 蓝光·星珀

Art Display Design | 软装设计

GND Design Group N+ Design | GND设计集团 恩嘉设计

Developer | 开发商

Blue Ray Corporation | 蓝光集团

art display execution | 软装执行

GND Design Group N+ Design | GND设计集团 恩嘉设计

Project Location | 项目地点

Hengyu, Fuzhou | 福州横屿

Lead Designer | 设计总监

Ning Rui | 宁睿

square footage | 项目面积


Special Thanks to | 特别鸣谢

Blue Ray Corporation, Yang Lan, Lin Bin, Li Ying | 蓝光集团 杨岚 林滨 李颖

Completion Time | 竣工时间


Photographer | 摄影机构

Yiqiandu | 一千度

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