Excellent Repulse Bay Model Room


Nanjing, the ancient capital of the Six Dynasties, backed by the rich land of Jiangsu and Zhejiang, possess a terrain of strategic importance and precipitate thousands of years of history and culture. The project is located in Gaochun District, the southern end of Nanjing. It is known as the backyard and the south gate of Nanjing. It was also awarded the first “International Slow City” in China.In addition to recognized location advantages and resource conditions, how to design innovations that lead the trend of life aesthetics and correspond the unique and prudent property considerations to the high-net-worth individuals in the city is the design asking of this case.


GND N+ Design will invite the beauty scenery of Jiangnan which has the “sunset like diamond and the sunrise like pearl” reputation, turn the natural landscape into the leisure and elegance of the villa, extract the multicultural meaning of the East and West, and create an international aesthetic under the trend of new luxury experience.


Home is the art of time, filling up the details of life in a three-dimensional space. The designer writes the cultural confidence of the East and integrates it into a simple and textured fabric and furnishings. With a family of six members from the three generations, we will build a full range of accommodations that are harmonious and symbiotic.


The main space refines the ink tone based on black-and-white and gray, supplemented by gold and coffee color as the adjustment, keep a low profile without losing the sense of depth. The first-floor restaurant interacts with the living room for the availability factor improving. The L-shaped sofa acts as a hidden boundary to increase plumpness of the space. The combination of different lines of lighting creates a sense of geometric beauty and fashion.


In the choice of materials, it also highlights the luxury in low profile. Art decoration and ornaments are placed in every corner of the space. Irregular shapes and textures trigger more association possibilities and become visual highlights of the eye. The modern new luxury spring to life in the hub of the ancient Chinese and foreign exchanges, and it has become a tailor-made in the owner's mind.


Taking into account the self-requirement of each family member, the designer accurately combines the preferences and tastes for spatial layout. The master bedroom on the second floor is a clean and concise vocabulary that interprets low profile and textured luxury. Leather pillows, crystal lamps and wooden table cabinets show the exquisite details of the details. Abstract backgrounds, eye-catching sculptures, geometric paintings and glass standing lights add an artistic touch.


The girl's "Golf Dream" and the boy's "car racing ideal" become clear in a small space, and childhood dreams are watered and sprouted, which is derived from a precious growth footprint. This independent cultivation of individuality is also fully demonstrated in the entertainment learning area. With humanized design scales, it encourages the liberation of nature in response to different learning preferences.



Be True To Myself

The realization of the impressing plan is to have both a full touch and a customized space. The protagonist wants to unload everything after he finishes his work every day. The mood of returning home is the true expression of self-discipline.



Pare down to the essence

Heart-warming design language, precisely fits the protagonist's inner monologue. The multi-functional area on the first floor accommodates a freely switchable leisure scene, becoming a place for physical and mental habitation and social networking in their spare time.



Fragrance Waft Reception Room

The aristocratic tradition of nobility has evolved into a contemporary taste of Chinese and Western art. The living room uses a central axis symmetrical sofa to close the communication, and the high bookcase is self-contained. The rituals of life are produced of itself,leaving behind a meaningful existence in your own life.


This case breaks through the routine operation of the model house design, removes any unnecessary decoration, deduces the design narrative with the main character, restores the space to the carrier of the body and mind and the release of personality, and also injects more humanities and artistic texture into life.

project name | 项目名称

Excellent Repulse Bay Model Room | 卓越南京浅水湾下叠别墅

Art Display Design | 软装设计

GND Design Group N+ Design | GND设计集团 恩嘉设计

Project Location | 项目地点

Fuzhou, Fujian | 江苏南京

Art Display Execution | 软装执行

GND Design Group N+ Design | GND设计集团 恩嘉设计

Square Footage | 项目面积


Main Designer | 主创设计

Ning Rui | 宁睿

Completion Time | 完工时间


Special support | 特别支持

Excellent Nanjing Company Dai Chengwei, Su Yu | 卓越南京公司  代成伟、苏裕

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