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KINSWAY INTERNATIONAL-Kinsway International is the first project of Vanke Group in Jiangmen city, aiming to create a sense of urban temperature. Located in core area of Pengjiang District, it is a scenario-experienced commercial block to meet the higher spiritual and cultural needs of consumers. The optimization and improvement of the urban interface and the high-quality services of Vanke properties have contributed to the demonstration of the industry-city integration in the downtown area.


Connection, interaction and integration across multiple boundaries-Vanke Group and GND Landscape have worked together to break the physical boundary between landscape, architecture and urban space in design of Jiangmen Vanke Kinsway International Exhibition Area. The design takes advantages of the natural and cultural landscape resources, and responds to these boundaries, so as to display and convey the vitality of the city, forming an active neighborhood atmosphere and bringing the ideal city to a new level.

精神堡垒 Marker、城市公园City Park、城市商业Commercial、城市剧场City Theater


The landscape function is overlapped on the original texture of architectural space, and each part is connected and interacted with the architectural function and urban space.


City Theater丨Continue the historical context and enrich the quality connotation of the city-At the beginning, we have searched the memories and historical changes of this land, through investigation and survey on the city and history and discussion with the local community. There are two ancient trees which have witnessed the changes of the land.


In the memory, there were many interesting stories happened under the big tree in the village entrance. Villagers were gossiping together, and friends were playing chess or Tai-Chi, while children were also having lots of fun under the tree.


The landscape designer has carried on these beautiful memories in the site, allowing residents to find a sense of belonging and happiness.


Preserve ancient trees, 

Buildings on site, 

Landscape placement - city theater, 

landscape placement - children's playground, 

landscape placement – corridor bridge


Design Concept-The design of the city theater is developed around old trees, constructing a corridor bridge suspended in the air, which is attached to the outdoor platform of the original building to form a walkway connecting up and down. The multi-directional flow in the space enhances the degree of freedom and openness, making the space more innovative and visually captivating.


Outdoor platform, children's playground, kapok, ancient banyan tree, corridor bridge


Proposal for a better life - a day in the city theater


The children's playground and the water-featured interactive installation are set up under the big tree to create an immersive experience for residents with interesting parent-child interactions.


The amusement facilities full of mystery and fantasy of the outer space create a sense of surreal breakthrough, with the merge and collision of the cosmic starry sky scene and the century-old tree, which is a metaphor for the technology and the future, the inheritance and rebirth.



Scenario-experienced commercial street 丨 Discover the deep social needs of consumers

The commercial street has a comfortable walkability and leisure dimension with interactive installations, space under the shade, leisure outdoor furniture and other landscape elements. It has created a brand-new business model with rich and distinctive cultural features in a modern city.



The Sense of ritual in front courtyard丨The ritual starts from the entrance

The main entrance of the community has a wide-open front square, and Chinese tallow trees are planted in an array. The logo scenery wall is supplemented by a cascading waterscape, with air-purifying plants such as tuberous sword fern, galangal, ginger flower and other plants to create a sense of ceremony coming home from the entrance and establish a healthy plant micro-environment.



Community Living Room丨Extended Space of Home

The leisure corridor, the vitality lawn, and the tree array square have been carefully separated in function, which are independent and interdependent, providing enjoyable rest and activity space for residents to meet their social needs outdoors in the neighborhood.



Children's Playground丨A fairy kingdom for growth

The children's playground is divided by age group to meet the growth needs of children of all ages, strictly controlling all scales and details to ensure naturalness and safety. The children's activity area is equipped with an exclusive direct drinking water and hand-washing basin, where children can wash their hands after playing to feel assured.


The children's playground is a unique territory for children to play and have fun from toddlers to teenagers. Building houses, climbing, and jumping are not only children's fairy world but also wonderful memories for parents who accompany them to grow.


This project has not only created a landscape space that can be participated and experienced, but also built a diversified and comprehensive service system, with the community as the core and the family as the unit. It has provided residents with a pleasant environment and a variety of public facilities, so that residents can fully enjoy this convenient, efficient and ecological lifestyle without any time or place restrictions in their community.

Project Name | 项目名称

Vanke Kinsway International | 万科·金域国际

Landscape Design | 景观设计

GND Landscape | GND杰地景观

Owner | 业主单位

Vanke Group (Jiangmen) | 江门万科

Design Content | 设计内容

Full-cycle Landscape Design Of The Exhibition Area | 展示区景观全周期设计

Project Location | 项目地点

Jiangmen, Guangdong | 广东 江门

Lead Designer | 设计总监

Zhong Yongcheng,Qiu Ge | 丘戈、钟永成

Project Area | 项目面积


Planning/Visual Effects | 策划/视效

GND Creation Studio | 杰地营造舍

Design Time | 设计时间


Design Cycle | 设计周期

7 Weeks | 7周

Completion Time | 竣工时间


Photographer | 项目摄影

Boqisi Photography | 柏奇斯摄影

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