Excellence City


The Excellence City chooses the future central area of urban business and leisure in Tangxia as its location. As the fifth project in Tangxia that the Excellent Group has deepened its efforts with the strength as one of the Top 30 real estate enterprises in China, it will help to change and upgrade the Tangxia area. The project not only enjoys the mature business district, but also creates the first sunken courtyard near Shenzhen city. Adjacent to the Huanshi Road Station of Metro Line R1, it will be connected to Shenzhen Metro Line 22 in the future, allowing residents to enjoy the convenient city lifestyle between Dongguan and Shenzhen.



Neighborhood Surrounding Urban Park

In the landscape design of the Excellence City Exhibition Area, GND has combined the exhibition function with the urban park, starting from the relationship between man and nature, and the perception of space, and strived to create the beauty of natural artistic conception. Finally, we have presented an ecological, interconnected and vigorous space to provide surrounding residents and communities with a new type of landscape for living, communicating and interacting.


At the same time, the landscape design continues the architectural form as the open and dynamic spatial layout, creating a transparent and continuous visual experience, so that the project is getting a pleasant response with the urban environment as a whole, which not only highlights the identifiability of the project, but also improves the urban art sense of the whole block, and an integrated and dynamic art exhibition hall is generated.



Connect with water 丨 Water and Reflection

The design of the display area is simple and clear, with clean lines and dry landscapes, full of gentle power, smooth and boundless, bringing fluidity and obvious directionality to the space, and guiding visitors’ sight and behavior, so that dynamics and tension are extended.



Enter the door | Impression of Time

The design is based on the attributes of "interactive and shared green living circle", combined with the municipal space to create an open entrance plaza of 390 square meters. The simple and atmospheric white hollow-carved scenery wall dissolves the rigidity of the blocks and the sense of distance, which injects a touch of temperature and sensibility into the space.


The space seems to be impenetrable in the flow, and there are small surprises unintentionally.


The hollow-carved scenery wall is covered with a metal grid screen. The thickness, spacing, and distance from the wall of the grid screen are determined by multiple rounds of proofing, striving to achieve the perfect relationship between virtual and reality. At the same time, the grid screen adopts a modular design, and the modules are sprayed electrostatically in the factory. After the color is finished, the hidden riveting installation on site reflects not only the craftsmanship, but also the perseverance and pursuit of details.


Construct an interesting art sculpture in the water, echoing the soft water scene, reflecting the real and the virtual, and jointly deducing the purity and freedom of the space.


The large trees as a point view on one side and the benches with simple texture form a seating area, which serves as a transition between the two spaces, breaking the monotonous feeling and visual experience.


The entrance axis is relatively short, where the scenery wall combines three materials of marble tiles, black mirror stainless steel, and LED strip lights into a gradual form, which eliminates the oppressing sensation caused by its large volume and provides sight guidance. The gradual sense of sequence is finalized through multiple rounds of drawings and on-site proofing; the characteristics of different materials are fully considered, and the stone-like brick adopts the black mirror steel external pressure closing method to achieve better effect for the appearance; the relationship between the internal keel and the light source has also been deliberately designed to ensure that the LED lights do not show the shadow of the keel; all our perseverance and persistent efforts lead to the perfect embodiment of the final effect.



In Wonderland丨The Fun of the Woods

Through the woods, the design has injected refreshing coolness into summer, the mist is still and dreamy, and it is like the fairyland. The 14 clusters of tallow trees create a natural oxygen bar, where pure natural sceneries such as trees, sunlight, and green plants are incorporated, so that residents can feel the beauty of nature that has lasted forever.



Sunshine in the courtyard丨Sunshine Valley

On the basis of connecting the space functions, the Sunshine Valley installation connects the visual experience, and the lines of the flowing water and the glowing waterscape generate a subtle and harmonious aesthetic landscape, forming a highly-anticipated main visual focus.



Star Pond丨Floating Water Mirror

The compositional floating bridge design and the mirrored waterscape, meandering and turning to form a beautiful shape, convey the beauty of deep and smooth agility. At the same time, the waterscape softens the rigid facade of the original building, making the architecture and the landscape complement each other. Walking in it freely, the waterscape is picturesque and relaxing.


The Excellence City project is different from the previous product series created by Excellence Group. It hopes to return the corner square along the street to the city. In the landscape design, GND adheres to the design language of "openness, ecology and diversity", systematically sorts out the site and its surroundings, removes the walls to open the boundaries of the park, and establishes the accessibility of the park to city streets and communities; to provide citizens with an outdoor activity space where one can play, stay, rest, and grow with the natural environment.

Project Name | 项目名称

Excellence City | 卓越华堂 · 卓著天成

Landscape Design | 景观设计

GND Landscape | GND杰地景观

Owner | 业主单位

Excellent Group | 卓越集团

Design Content | 设计内容

Full-Cycle Landscape Design Of The Exhibition Area | 展示区景观全周期设计

Owner Team | 业主团队

Great Bay Area Company, Excellence Group | 卓越集团大湾区公司

Lead Designer | 设计总监

Qiu Ge, Ding You | 丘戈、丁友

Project Location | 项目地点

Dongguan, Guangdong | 广东 东莞

Planning/Visual Effects | 策划/视效


Design Cycle | 设计周期

6 Weeks | 6周

Project Area | 项目面积


Photographer | 项目摄影

Riye Photography | 日野摄影

Design Time | 设计时间


Completion Time | 竣工时间


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