Excellence·Bund Villa


The silence of plants,Strange garden,A brief and affectionate meeting.


Thinking·Design丨Before the butterflies spread their wings, they will experience a period of sleep in a cocoon. When night falls, some of them are calm, and their carnival begins...


Exhibition·Design丨Under the night, seeds grow, flowers bloom, butterflies flutter, snails foraging... and when the daylight fades, they hide their dynamic beauty, quiet and graceful; the designer combines the night with The combination of beauty under the sun opens up the possibilities of life and freedom through the beauty of life of "butterfly" and "plants", the liberation of thought and personality, showing the other side of time and space, and making the tension of vitality more fascinating.


Nigntfall|Using negative space and landscape topography to interpret Huzhou’s quiet and peaceful lifestyle, responding to the local need for psychological belonging to life on the ground. Plants and animals experience light and dark carnivals and growth from the first perspective, while humans and the earth are in harmony. In the increasingly clear outline, dawn is urgently awaited.


Breaking Dawn|Art analysis-Design originates from nature, transforming natural culture into a tangible form, and revealing the scenery of the bamboo sea in the form of art. Perhaps this is the essence of design originating from nature and feeding back to nature.


Sunlight|The lights are made of branches and petals, attracting butterflies to fly and stop, revealing natural spirituality in the details.


In the abundant time and sunlight, the ecological color sense is integrated into the design, giving people the most relaxing space experience, leaving no trace of gentleness for thoughts and dynamics.



Plants and the air cherish each other, undercurrent and blooming for art

The twisted branches are graceful and light, condensing and cruising for the air


Smell library|Breathing light and shadow, natural aftertaste


Smell and breath are mutually cause and effect. It enters people's body with breath. If they want to survive, they can't resist it. The smell penetrates into the people, and reaches the heart, where it distinguishes love and contempt, dislike and interest, love and hate, masters the smell, and masters the taste of life.






Walk in

Still life is not quiet

The animal doesn't move

You are here, here is a paintingWhere you are, it becomes a song there.

呼吸 |以浅色系家具为主,配以大面积跳跃的橘色,给空间增加了流动的生机感,丰富了空间的层次与内涵。

Breathe|Mainly light-colored furniture, coupled with a large area of jumping orange, adds a sense of flow and vitality to the space, and enriches the level and connotation of the space.


Along the concise and pure whiteness, the architecture makes human beings become cute. Walking up, the elegance and fun are natural.




Memory|Young, sober, full of Wenting

Bright, swaying, capturing people’s hearts

The lines follow the light, onto the flexible sofa, onto the spherical pillow, and sympathize with the flowing artistic sense.


Art analysis 丨 Spreading and upward, just like the growth process of bamboo, once it reaches the stage of bursting, it is barbaric growth.


On the other side of the space, fresh pavement, natural makeup, silky greenery and long plant connotations, accompanied by a clean dialogue.

生花 |静下来,慢下来,和阳光共处,与植物同呼吸,在自然里研究生活,在生活里活出自然。

Bloom|Slow down, live with the sun, breathe with plants, study life in nature, and live out nature in life.


Excellence Academy|If you are in full bloom, the butterfly will come


The blooming of the butterfly is the power of time and the moment of inspiration. The most beautiful posture of the fixed-frame butterfly is the collection of the beauty of natural life. With the woody tone, the quiet atmosphere of the space is enriched. It is full of crevices in the wooden slats.


Focusing on the diversity of life, the "sharing" of the space runs through it, making it more integrated into the urban fabric and public daily life. Accordingly, a new cultural space different from the past is born, which expresses the future community lifestyle. Understand and pass.



Soul|The materials are matched with leather and washed wood to create a clean, pure, natural and simple space without losing details.

Looking for a sofa with both security and comfort, watching the interweaving flow of still life and time in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows, a cup of coffee, a book, in a defensive space scene, and enjoy a moment of peace of mind.


但 它有种力量



This is not an exaggeration, nor is it eye-catching

But it has a power

Pull you back and let you land

Gently comfort the passing souls.

Project Name | 项目名称

Excellence·Bund Villa | 湖州·卓越府

Art Display Design | 软装设计

GND Design Group N+ Design | GND设计集团 恩嘉设计

Developer | 开发商

Excellence group | 卓越集团

Art Display Execution | 软装执行

GND Design Group N+ Design | GND设计集团 恩嘉设计

Square Footage | 项目面积


Lead Designer | 设计总监

Ning Rui | 宁睿

Completion Time | 竣工时间


Floral Team丨花艺团队


Video Production丨视频制作

Huasheng Studio丨花生工作室

Photographer | 摄影机构

Yanming、Tan Xiao, Lv Xiaobin丨 彦铭、谭啸、吕晓斌

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